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As business owner you spend all this effort to get someone to your website. What if they leave before ordering or contacting you? Would you like a way to stay top of mind?

When you go to websites such as Target, Zappos, or Amazon and their display ads appear on many other websites that you visit for the next month or so, that’s Retargeting. This is when a company advertises directly to you to encourage you to come back.

With retargeting your banner can be displayed directly to that person across millions of websites.

It’s a cheap way to potentially bring a person back to your website or increase brand awareness. Plus it costs substantially less than PPC.

RTB – Real Time Bidding

What if they haven’t even been to your website yet? Would you like a way to visually introduce your brand to an entire new audience within your geographic region

This is where the RTB comes in, which stands for “Real Time Bidding”. Essentially it functions the same as retargeting except that users haven’t been to your website yet and is a way to introduce your brand to a new audience.

Those users who haven’t been to your website at all will have a chance of seeing your brand across millions of websites.

You can target specific areas for the RTB traffic to be served. For instance by zip code(s), state(s) or even nationwide controlling the area where the banners are viewed from.


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